Rose Assam Essence (रोज सुगंध)


Rose Assam Essence a pleasant and elegant fragrance derived from freshly harvested Sunchafa. Gulab, flowers. Every detail of special occasion self- adornment needs that extra ‘go-to touch. A beautiful floral fragrance will grace your aura like never before. Cur long-lasting  Rose perfume will enliven you for your special occasion. Our Rose Assam Essence  Altar is a trendy premium range perture for women and men In India. The strong yet alluring and subtle fragrance of this premium range perfume leaves you mesmerized for up to 6 hours. This makes it an attractive option for all your social gatherings. This floral perfume oil is 100% organic naturel perfume available al cur Indian online fragrance store. Using our years of research and age-old Ayurvedic traditions of extracting fragrance from animals, we have created this natural perfume from hand-picked fresh ginger Sonchafa, rose, noir flower from nature. It is free from all dangerous chemicals. ROSE – 10 ML

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10 ML, 30 ML